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Penny V. Lewis

The Lewis Family

Picture taken October 2007

       Hi! I am Penny Lewis.  My Mother's, Grandmother's and Grandfather's families are from Ramsey, Wilberton, and Avena townships, Fayette County and my husbands family is from Loudon Township, Fayette county, IL.  In fact, my people date back in late 1700's, and early 1800's.  I grew up in Wheatland township, Fayette County, IL. 

    Right Now, I prefer not to do lookups.  My hands will be pretty full with working full-time.  I am a wife and mother, so my time is pretty limited. I still reside here in Fayette County, IL with my husband Todd, my two sons Caleb and Collin.

    I  joined Teresa Davis in coordinating the Fayette County site in December of 1999.  She has since then stepped down. Her time, help and effort has made this site what it is today. To her I am very grateful. I hope to help make this site very resourceful to all searching for Fayette County ancestors.

The Family of Todd & Penny Lewis

Lilly Family of Sussex County, Virginia

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Letter to the visitors of Fayette County, IL

Welcome to Fayette County Illinois!  I wish you all the good luck possible to find your ancestors.  I am not a professional Genealogist, and cannot do your searches for you.  I can, and strive to, provide you with the links (as they become available) for you to search for (and hopefully find) your ancestors.  To place in these pages what we can that will help you to accomplish your quest.  I would like to add this......Genealogy is finding long gone ancestors.  I do not look for, nor help others look for, living relatives, friends or such.  Certainly, you will more than likely find a living relative, only because they are researching their family tree, and your ancestors is also in their tree.

Adoptions are the most difficult to deal with.  I have a couple of ancestors that were adopted, and those I've not been able to do much at all.  This is of course years ago for those adoptions, so documents, and or data, would be difficult if not non-existant.  I have received requests for help (by posting a query, or such) to find living natural parents, or children, which I could do nothing about.  I cannot post any requests, or queries for anyone on these pages, that are for living natural parents of adopted people, or help find the children of those natural parents.  There are places where one could contact (on line), and as soon as I can compile those places, I will post them on this site.

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As a volunteer for The USGenWeb Project, I am open to any ideas and suggestions.

Penny V. Lewis

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