Illinois & Fayette County Facts

Illinois became a state: Dec. 3, 1818
Illinois state song:  Illinois
Illinois State flower: Violet
Illinois state tree: White Oak

Fayette County founded: Feb. 14, 1821
Fayette Co.  population: 20,890 (1990 census)
County seat: Vandalia
Named for:  Marquis de Lafayette

First Happenings for Fayette County, IL

First Circuit court held in Fayette County, IL was July 15, 1821.

First Grand jury held July 3, 1821.

First Court held April 16, 1821.

First Marriage licensed issued in Fayette County was on May 21, 1822 to 
        John F. ROSS & Melinda OSBORNE.

First Marriage Ceremony on May 16 1822. married were James BECK & 
        Polly DEPEU.

First Deed in Fayette county was James M. DUNCAN on April 25, 1821.

First Civil case held in Circuit court was July 3, 1821 James L. DORRISS, 
        Appellant against David LUSTER, Appellee.

First Chancery case Benj. N. MITCHELL, Complainant, against William 
        THACKER, Defendant on Feb 14, 1821.

First Divorce was granted on June 5, 1822.

        Information taken fromHistory of Fayette County, Illinois, Published by Brink, McDonough & Co., Philadelphia, 1878



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