Fayette County, Illinois


 Fayette County Courthouse
221 South Seventh 
Vandalia, IL 62471 

Fayette County Genealogical 
& Historical Society

P.O. Box 177 
Vandalia, IL 62471 


Fayette County Courthouse is located on seventh Street Vandalia, IL. The hours are Monday thru Friday 8am-4pm. Records are available thru the circuit clerk office and county clerk office for a nominal fee. The office request snail mail requests only. The information below is taken from the County Clerks office handout. A big thanks to Fayette County Clerk & Recorder Terri Braun for gathering this information.

Fayette County Vital & Land Records Information

Birth & Death Records:   Our birth records begin in 1877, and few and far between before 1916, when it became law for the local registrar (then township/municipality clerk) to record the birth and death certificates occurring in their county and the State of Illinois Department of health (Vital Records Division) in Springfield, Illinois. 

Marriage Records:     Fayette County's marriage records begin 1821. From 1821 to 1878 these records show the groom's and bride's name, date of marriage and who performed the marriage. Beginning in 1878 the marriage record will give more information . . . ages at the time of marriage, birth places, names of parents, etc.

$ Costs for Birth, Marriage and Death records:    Certified copies are $7.00 for 1st copy and $4.00 for each additional certified copy. Genealogical copies care available for $4.00 for each copy and will be stamped "for genealogical purposes only".  Non-certified copies of the following records may be obtained:

Birth --75 years or older

Death -- 20 years or older

Marriage -- 50 years or older

We do need an approximate date of the birth, death or marriage record requested. The search we make will cover a 20 year period . . . 10 years before the approximate date and 10 years after.

We are not staffed to do genealogical research and especially around election time (in the spring and fall of each year), we do not have time to do the same. We get to the requests as soon as possible.

Fayette County does have an excellent and attractive Genealogical Society and some of the members will do research of "family Trees"  You may contact them at the following address:

Fayette County Genealogical & Historical Society

P.O. Box 177

Vandalia, IL 62471

Land Records:     Fayette County Land Records begin in 1821 and are indexed by Grantor (seller) and Grantee (buyer). We DO NOT HAVE a tract index. Again we will need an approximate date for a 20 year search. 

$ The charge for each search of land records is $5.00 and you will receive a copy of deed or land transaction as requested. Copies cost $1.00/page

Send requests for Land, Marriage, Birth and Death records to the following address:

Terri D. Braun

County Clerk and Recorder-Fayette County

P.O. Box 401

Vandalia, IL 62471


Probate Records:     Wills, estate records, etc begin in 1834 and are located in the office of the Circuit Clerk (down the hall and around the corner) . . .the address is:

Marsha Wodtka

Circuit Clerk-Fayette County

221 S. Seventh St.

Vandalia, IL 62471

Census Records: Fayette County Courthouse does not have census records. Fayette County Genealogical Society houses census records for viewing on microfilm and printed publications at Evans Public Library 215 S. Fifth, Vandalia, IL 62471   (618) 283-2824

Thank you,

Terri D. Braun

County Clerk and Recorder-Fayette County

Fayette County Genealogical & Historical Society has a list of several publications available. Publications are housed at Evans Public Library for public viewing. Membership is available through Fayette County Genealogical & Historical Society P.O. Box 177 Vandalia, IL 62471 . Meetings are held every month at Evans Public Library in Vandalia, IL.

Other places to obtain Vital Records

Illinois Department of Public Health-Vital Records Division

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